Thursday, September 22, 2016

Nail Care and My Go-Tos

Hey everybody!

  Oh my gosh, it has been SO hectic the past month but I am hoping to get back to posting regularly again.

  So I thought for my first post in a while I would let y'all in on what I like to do to keep my nails healthy and strong. Let's get started! :)

  So my first and probably best tip I can give y'all is getting a good nail/cuticle oil. I use Simply Pure by Bliss Kiss. I was introduced to this product by Simply Nailogical and it has all but saved my nails. Before I started using this product, my nails would crack and split very easily and I constantly had hang nails (Ouch!!). After only a week of using this nail oil my nails were stronger and I had gotten them to a length that I could have never imagined before. I was in love! On top of the good oil I also like to use a lotion that is labeled as 'hand and nail care', this type of lotion will typically have more vitamins in it that are good for keeping your hands and nails properly moisturized. I use Mane&Tail's Hoofmaker, it smells great and works really well, especially if you have dry hands like I do.


*Please excuse the old polish lol*

My second big tip that I have for you, as weird as this is going to sound, is to avoid prolonged exposure to water whenever you can. Soaking your nails weakens them and makes them more prone to breakage or tearing. This is easier than you might think, the only real time that this will become a concern is when you are washing dishes or cleaning.. all you need to do is start wearing the latex (or non-latex) cleaning gloves. Like these here.

This is my favorite tip because it is by far the most fun. Never Be Nude... I'm not talking clothes, I'm talking nail polish. The polish gives your nails a sort of shield from the outside world, making it just that much harder for them to break. This doesn't make them break proof but it does help them quite a bit. So rock those colors and show off those designs!

My last tip that I have for you is.. don't do dangerous things with your nails! Need to open a coke can? Grab that spoon. Got a sticker-y situation? Soak it in hot water and go after it with alcohol (don't forget your gloves!). Be careful and mindful of what you are doing with your nails and they will last longer.

That about wraps this up. Just remember, wear your gloves, never go nude and be mindful of what you are putting your nails through. Add those in with a bit of time and you will have long strong nails before you know it!


Until next time!


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