Saturday, November 26, 2016

L.A. Colors--Test

Hey everybody!

Oh my gosh, so much to catch y'all up on! To start, a sincere apology, a mixture of phone issues and some other things have kept me away. Now, I'm back, new phone with a better camera (yay!), ready to get back at it! :)

So jumping right into it, I'm sure you have seen the "Guaranteed to last" or "Will last up to..." claims that these companies make to try and sell their product to anyone they think might fall for it. Well I found one that I decided to put to the test... Check it out!

L.A. Colors has a line that claims to 'last up to 10 days', well like most skeptics, I didn't believe a word of it! So they were a decent price, I got them from Walmart at about $2 a piece. They said it only works with their matching 10-day top coat so I got the top coat too.

The color is a blue green shimmer polish with a slight glittery undertone. After reading the instructions (simply because I was curious) I saw that it states not to use a base coat (or so it seemed). So in an effort to make this test as accurate as possible, I only didn't use it on my pinkie finger in case the color stained. Here is what is looked like when I started:

Beautiful color! Decent coverage as well, 2 coats to full opacity. My pinkie finger is the only one without a base coat and I used their 10 day top coat to finish it off. I treated this manicure the same way I do the other ones, I might have been even harder on it just to test its limits. Here is the end results after a full 11 days of wear: 

As you can see, this lasted pretty well, only minor wear around the edges! Pretty impressive actually because I am not nice to my nail polish. -lol-

Well I hope you enjoyed this post guys. Again, I am so sorry for the long absence!

Thanks for following my blog and I will catch y'all next time!


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