Saturday, February 4, 2017

Infamous Starry Starry Night & Life of the Party Swatches

Hey Lacquer Lovers!

I have two really awesome swatches to show y'all today! Starry Starry Night and Life of the Party were part of the 2016 Retro Revival set from Essie. Below I will be going over each of these swatches individually.

Starry Starry Night 

Okay, this one has a tiny bit of back story to it. Apparently the original was released in 1985 and was absolutely amazing! The original formula contained actual diamond dust which caused everyone to go completely gaga over it. So naturally, everyone became extremely upset when this polish was discontinued in 1998 due to a lack of diamond dust to keep up the quality that was expected. The sudden high demand caused this polish to be sold for a whopping $250 on eBay in February 2014. Unfortunately, according to everyone in the polish community, the re-release isn't nearly as good.

My thoughts on this are actually quite high. The only thing I have against this polish is that the application is a bit funky. It takes several coats to get the color over the entire nail; my only guess is it's due to the very jelly-like nature of the polish itself. Now as you can see, the end result is beautiful! Notice the tiny silver and blue glitters suspended in a blue jelly base to give this polish a wonderful galaxy-looking finish. Overall, despite the hate this re-release has gotten, at least to this blogger, it is still worth getting.

Life of The Party

This one will be far easier to review. Originally released in 2002, the shimmery burgundy has made a large comeback in the Retro Revival set. Now, the popularity of this one isn't nearly as high as Starry Starry Night, but I'm sure by some it was missed dearly.

I personally love this color! The bright, hard-to-miss shimmer is definitely a good ending to a manicure. This color is absolutely beautiful to look at, and it catches the light wonderfully. It was opaque in only two coats, and I only had to cover it with a clear glossy top coat to finish this effect.

So far I am extremely happy with my decision to add the 2016 Retro Revival set to my collection. Click here to view the entire set I purchased from eBay, Until then, I hope you enjoyed these swatches as much as I did and I will see y'all next week!

May your paws stay polished and have a safe weekend!


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