Friday, August 5, 2016

Revlon- Ocean

Okay, I don't usually get excited by Revlon but this one surprised me.. Check out the swatch first and I'll get into it:

So... Here is what excited me.. It's a one coater! Just a side bonus, I didn't drop the brush like I usually do with these cylinder-type lids! I really need to invest in one of those rubber mat things to put under my nail desk or my carpet will suffer the consequences. I've been lucky so far, it's just a matter of time. One of these days, I will do a "What does my set-up look like" post. You know, once it doesn't look like a bomb went off on it.

But anyways, I did a second coat simply because it felt weird not to and topped it with my usual top coat. I forgot to get a shot of it, but it looks great in matte too! This color is gorgeous, it has a very slight blue-ish multichrome tint to it at a certain angle.

Definitely a recommended color to have in your collection!

Until next time! <3