Monday, August 8, 2016

Trust Fund Beauty - Blow *Requested Review*

So psyched everybody! It's time for my first blogger review! The next several posts I do will be requested review posts for the indie company Trust Fund Beauty. Follow the link to check out their shop. Also, I must say... 17mL is a lot of polish especially with it's more popular competitors only being 10-14mL.

The first coat is a little sheer but builds up nicely in three coats. I have other whites in my collection that are a bit more opaque, but I definitely have ideas for a "lighter" white. I think it would be very useful for nail art or to even put an interesting twist on a darker color.

So there you have it folks. That was Trust Fund Beauty's Blow; a semi-sheer creme white polish. I will check in again at the end of the week with another review request from TFB!

Until next time!


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