Friday, July 22, 2016

Pokemon GO Mani!

In honor of the latest craze sweeping the world today. I have for y'all a Pokemon GO themed manicure that has a bit of dotting, some vinyls, and some freehand work. This will be the final look:

The list of things you will need:
  1. Polish- White, Light Green, Yellow, Blue, Red, Pink-ish and Tan
  2. Acrylics- Light Blue, Light Green, Black
  3. Tools- Large dotting tool, short paintbrush, toothpick, straight vinyls
So to start, clean your nails and put on your favorite base coat. Then paint your nails with the following colors: Thumb- White; Pointer- Lgt Green; Middle- White; Ring- Lgt Blue; Pinky- Tan. Then cover all of them with a quick dry top coat.

Now, let's start on the thumb first. This one is going to be our Pokeball. Make absolutely sure that your top coat is completely dry since we are going to use vinyls. Put your straight vinyl across the white as close to the middle as you can. After securing the vinyl, paint the top half of your nail red. Be sure to remove the vinyl as soon as possible so it doesn't start to dry and get stringy. Get your paintbrush and black acrylic and paint a line to separate the red and white. Using your large dotting tool, create a big circle in the middle of the line. Then get your white polish and put a white dot in the center of the black dot using your dotting tool. Here is a final picture:

Pointer finger next! This one I made into an activated Pokestop, where pokemon trainers get all their supplies. This one is a little difficult to explain but I will try. All you will need is your light blue acrylic, paintbrush and the toothpick. Make sure your original top coat is completely dry. Start with a semi-large circle in the center of your nail. Then paint a complete circle around it with space in-between. Now as long as your original top coat is completely dry you can do this... Take your toothpick and lightly scratch away the acrylic on either side to make two half circles. Your end result should look something like this:

Now your middle finger. This one I used the colors of the teams on the game for inspiration. Red for Valor, Blue for Mystic and Yellow for Instinct. The white we put on originally will make the colors pop more than if we hadn't used it. Again make sure your top coat is completely dry before you use the vinyls. Get two straight vinyls and separate your nail length-wise in 3 sections. Now you can do whatever order you would like to here for the colors. For instance, put your team in the middle or as an alternative you can also not do the vinyls and just have red, yellow or blue for your team. I did all three just for solidarity. :) Here is that final look:

For your ring finger you will need: Large dotting tool, light green acrylic, and a pink-ish polish. The design for this finger is the Razz Berry, used in the game to help tame the pokemon to make them easier to catch. So for this design you kind of build an upside down pyramid starting with 4 large dots then 3, 2 and 1. I used the light green acrylic to make 2 little leaves at the top. And that's it for this one, here's roughly what you should have:

Finally the pinky! This design is going for the eggs that you hatch in the game. Using the light green acrylic and your paintbrush, make random splotches in whatever pattern you would like. This one is by far the easiest one in this design set. Here is what mine ended up looking like:

Once you are done and you are happy with how they look. Make sure they are all completely dry and put on a quick dry glossy top coat. Wait for about 20-30 minutes then have fun & go "Catch 'em All!" (Just please stay aware of your surroundings)

Well, that sums up this nail art set. What did y'all think? I had a lot of fun doing this design! Send me a shot if you try it! Here is another shot of the completed look:

See y'all in a couple of days for the Sunday Swatch-Off!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Yay I love it! I don't have Pokemon Go, but I can definitely see some of your inspiration :) x

  2. HeHeHe Pokemon go! nice. Even I wanna do it!

  3. I dont know much about Pokemon, but looks like its perfect for your inspiration!

  4. Nice mani! I haven't tried Pokemon myself but it has gone insane all over the world.