Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Best of My Past!

I just thought for the first post on my new blog I would show y'all some of my past manicures. I am thinking of doing some tutorials on my previous work. If you see any of the pictures that really interest you, please comment or send me a email under the contact tab.

Well.. here it goes! Hope y'all enjoy :)

I called this one my Blue Me Away Flame Gradient mani. It was very simple to do and with only two accents nails took a very short time to complete.

This one is actually a YouTube Re-Do. Called a "Holographic Galaxy" by the holosexual queen herself SimplyNailogical (If you haven't seen her, go check her out she's amazing!). This one was also simple to do and also allows for a lot of creativity. The "galaxy" can go in any direction or design that you want it to.

Also a YouTube Re-do by Simply Nailogical. This "Holo Highlighter Mani" was a lot of fun to do. Liquid highlighters and a dense holo polish are a must for this manicure to work correctly. The end result is completely worth it though!

My "Almost Irish" Gradient. After I randomly did this I kept thinking that it looks vaguely like a flag lol.

Beach Mani! I wore this one when I went to South Padre Island for a vacation. It was a little tricky to create the 'shore-bubble' look on top but nothing a couple rounds of practice couldn't fix.

This is one of my few free hand designs. Anyone who familiar with YouTubers will recognize this little character. JackSepticEye's floating eye friend "Septic Eye Sam". I don't know how well I would be able to recreate this one but if requested I will certainly try lol.

"Freedom Swirls" Mani. This one took some practice lol. Red, White and Blue swirled with a toothpick, covered with a beautiful scattered holo topcoat. The stickers you see in it are completely optional and would look fantastic without them as well. :)

I believe that completes the best of my past. Coverage of my personal favorites over the past year or so. Again, if you have one of these you would like the see a tutorial on, I would be happy to do it!

Hope y'all enjoyed my first post, if you have any ideas for future posts I am always open to suggestions.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Ah these are some gorgeous manis! Welcome to blogging, can't wait to see what you have in store :D x

  2. Fabulous first post hun :) loving your past manis that galaxy mani is beautiful x

    1. Thanks for the comment! If you'd like I can do a tutorial and show how I did it :)

  3. love that beach one... and the sunset colors of the first one

    1. Thanks for the comment! If you'd a like a tutorial on one or both, I'd be happy to schedule that :)

  4. Great manis!! Welcome to blogging!! 💅🐾