Wednesday, July 27, 2016

#Sharingfortheloveofaneli - Avenged Sevenfold Recreation

Hello everyone!

For those who don't know, the lovely and talented Ane Li (@ane_li) passed away on July 11th. Those of us who were inspired by her art have decided to recreate some of our favorite designs that she had made over the years under the hashtag #sharingfortheloveofaneli. I chose to recreate her Avenged Sevenfold tribute. Check out the rest of the post for her original design and some more information..

Here is my recreation of her design:

Here is her original:

For my recreation I used Sally Hansen's Get Mod for the white background and black acrylic for the design. I followed Ane Li's video tutorial for this, you can find it here on Instagram. Her picture taking skills are definitely something for me to envy though! I think what the nail community is doing for Ane Li is wonderful and I am so happy to have been so well accepted into such a loving community.

I am so happy to have honored Ane Li through this recreation. I wish her friends and family all the best in this difficult time. You can go through all of her designs here on her Instagram page.

Until next time- 

<3 Randi

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