Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday Swatch-Off!: All In VS Teal On Fire

Okay so I am trying something different that I think people may like so... Here it goes!

My main idea with this concept is to get two similar polishes from two different brands and do a face-off. A head to head comparison for a battle of the best! So I thought I would start off with an easy one for my first attempt. We have two multi-chrome polishes that both have a blue-to-purple shift in the polish.

Our first contestant is Revlon's All In:


Our second contestant is Covergirl's Teal On Fire:


The first game is the Application Games. Here I am comparing the brushes and how they applied. The brush for Covergirl (Right) is kind of short. For me personally it's a little hard to control because of the length. However, the square shape of the lid helps keep klutzy people such as myself from dropping the brush (I have a stain on my carpet still to this day). This one applied pretty smooth with no troubles. Now the Revlon brush is wider, which I like. I have a wider nail bed and it helps the coverage go a bit faster. It applied alright had some odd points that are a little hard to explain. This one has the typical cylindrical shape to the lid which means I dropped it... Given the pros and cons in this round I will have to issue a tie..


The second game is the Opacity Game. The one on the left is the Revlon All In and as you can see it's... All Out. You can clearly see the tips of my nail through the single coat. However, on the right is Covergirl's Teal On Fire, not too bad. It has a few spots that are thin, but overall Covergirl wins the opacity games. Next Game!!


The final game is the Layer Games. How many coats to reach full opacity??? Well, to be honest it's kind of hard to get pictures of this but I will try my best to give you the swatch-off commentary... I thought Revlon would be completely opaque after 2 coats but I was horribly wrong. Unfortunately it took not 3... but 4 coats to be completely covered. Now, Covergirl covered me up completely in 2 coats. Which I was expecting since it was already pretty well covered in the single coat competition. So, sorry Revlon, Covergirl wins the Layer Games!

The final score in this session of Sunday Swatch-Off is... *insert drum roll here*

Covergirl's Teal On Fire:  3
Revlon's All In:  1

Congratulations Covergirl's Teal On Fire! 


Did you like this? Hope everyone enjoyed it! If you would like to see this again let me know in the comments or sent me an email! I will also consider any suggestions on changes I should try for this series. 

Thanks for reading!


Check out this shift!!


  1. This is a really great idea :) beautiful swatches x

  2. Haha I love how you did this! So fun! Definitely keep this going as a series :) x